Develop an illustration language that conveys/reflects the brand values of Kijiji, adds warmth and humanizes our platforms and signals trust and loyalty amongst users. The purpose of the illustration language is to help users navigate through our product in a helpful and delightful way to build trust and further communicate brand values.

The illustration language must be optimized for all digital channels, desktop & mobile.
Must scale well and be flexible enough to convey the wide array of messages we may need from error messages all the way to promotions.

Let’s humanize popular items sold on Kijiji and bring a huge hit of delight and humor to our users. No race, no genders. Just funny and creative takes on everyday objects that help guide our users and/or create empathy. The objects will be brought to life, but only with features they have or that can be seamlessly integrated.

Kijiji Colour Palette:

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